Do you know how to motivate positive behavior without yelling or nagging?

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As a parent, you want to

stop worrying, “Will my child be OK?”

and stop wondering, “Am I doing this right?”

We want our children to become happy, successful adults, so we spend much of our time teaching them to make healthy decisions.

But when our kids don’t behave the way we hope they will, we often feel frustrated and helpless. We yell, nag, punish, and sometimes even beg or bribe our children to “do the right thing.” And then comes the guilt. Those strategies can make us and our children feel worse, and most of the time they don’t even work in the long run.

There is another way. Parenting by Heart is a respect-based approach to raising confident, responsible children. It works… and it just feels better.

If you want to

  • motivate positive behavior from a place of connection rather than disconnection and
  • feel more confident and less guilty about the way you interact with your kids (even when you are stressed or your children are frustrating you), then

You are in the right place. Welcome.